Radikal Life: The Manual for Optimal Being-ness

Radikal Life: The Manual for Optimal Being-ness is a collaboration of leaders in wholeness and wellness coming together to deliver content in a virtual platform related to cultivating optimal being-ness. The manual is delivered in 14 modules, each module includes three classes. Most classes are 40 to 60 minutes long, and many have interactive components.

The manual is self paced, and you can choose where you want to start, in terms of which module you’re most interested in.

Choose this bundle to purchase all 14 modules for the price of 10 individual modules.

Coaching Add-On

When you purchase Radikal Life: The Manual for Optimal Being-ness, you have the option to purchase coaching to accompany as many modules as you’d like. Coaching is $200 per module. You’ll be offered the option to add-on coaching for one module at check out. You can then also purchase coaching for additional modules from within the module’s course curriculum page.

 In order to participate in coaching, you must purchase the associated module, either individually or when it is included in the full manual. When purchasing individual modules, you’ll be offered the option to add-on that module’s coaching at check out.

 You may purchase the coaching add-on once per module.

 If you purchase an individual module, you’ll receive a complimentary 15-minute consultation with the module leader.

Click here for details about your coaching options.

Course Pricing