Course Summary

In the Breathe Module, we will practice becoming aware of our natural breath patterns, exploring a variety of breathing techniques, and learning how to apply those techniques. Benefits of a consistent breath practice may include decreased stress and anxiety and increased energy, focus, attention, present moment awareness, emotional regulation, and connection to breath, body, and self. Each class will include a lecture and several experiential exercises that are designed for use in daily life.

Class 1: Aware

In the Aware Class we will learn the neuroscience behind breathing practices and how bringing attention to and shifting our patterns of breath can impact our nervous system and thus our ability to move appropriately between being mobilized and ready for action (fight/flight) and rest and recovery (rest/digest).

Class 2: Explore

The Explore Class offers a variety of simple, experiential breathing practices for moving from mobilization to rest or rest to mobilization.

Class 3: Apply

The Apply Class dives into more complex breathing techniques along with guidance on how to apply such techniques easily, effectively, and appropriately in daily life.

Kanjana Hartshorne

Kanjana Hartshorne (she/her) is a licensed holistic psychotherapist, Certified Compassion Fatigue Professional, & Yoga Therapist. She received her MSW from the University of Pennsylvania. Her journey to holistic healthcare began with yoga & meditation training in 2008 while living at a Rinzai Zen temple. Kanjana owns Healing Hearts Wellness, a group holistic therapy practice where she and other clinicians incorporate an evidence-based blend of traditional Western psychotherapy, Eastern Comprehensive Yoga Therapy, and the arts into client sessions, healing retreats, and CE & self-care training for healthcare professionals.  Kanjana has worked with 1000s of individuals, teaching them simple, accessible skills to empower them to meet challenging obstacles with their unique strengths, to live in accordance with their personal values, and to grow into who they want to be.

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Kanajana is featured on episode S1E4 of the Radikal Life Podcast.

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