Course Summary

Our bodies cleanse, detoxify and heal imbalances all day long. It’s our human design. But our modern lifestyles overload these built-in corrective processes. Restaurant dining, inorganic food, late-night meals, environmental toxins, excessive wheat, animal products, and sugar stress our natural cleansing systems.

Add to that our consumption of caffeine and medications in an environment filled with dirty air, impure water and invisible chemicals, and it is clear we’re making more demands of our bodies’ detoxification and healing systems than they can handle.

Our body’s may get by day-to-day, but they don’t flourish. Over time, toxins build up in the body and the results can be small imbalances like aches, allergies, poor digestion and weight gain, or even an ongoing sense of fatigue.

People have used cleansing and detoxifying as a pillar of health for thousands of years, long before processed foods, environmental impurities and daily mental stress were the norm.

Today, juice cleanses and other detox programs are being rediscovered by millions of people who want to energize their bodies, create mental clarity,look and feel younger and be more resistant to disease.

Through the cleanse module, we re-establish the natural healing mechanisms which support ongoing well-being and sustainable vitality.

Class 1: Elimination and Release

Clearing our Body Temple of unhealthy debris

Class 2: Deeper Detox

Cleansing the inner rivers of our body through a variety of healing beverages, juicing and teas

Class 3: Revitalize and Rejuvenate

Acclimating to a new way of being within ourselves and our food choices.


Mahan Rishi Singh Khalsa

Mahan Rishi Singh (he/him) co-founded the Khalsa Healing Arts and Yoga Center in Yardley, PA. USA in 1989. He began studying yoga and meditation in 1973 and entered the Guru Ram Das Ashram in 1975. Having taught nationally and internationally, along with traveling numerous times to India, he seeks to bring the ancient wisdom and authentic devotional practices of yoga and meditation into everyday life. He has been leading retreats and yatras (spiritual pilgrimages) to India, Nepal and Tibet over the past 30 years. His experiences of the kundalini and subtle-energy currents of the etheric body have led him to guide his students toward Self-realization and illumination through Universal love and understanding. His vision is for each student to have an experience of vital energy, great joy, and liberating peace.

Mahan Rishi is also a Doctor of Chiropractic and Herbal nutritionist. He graduated from New York Chiropractic College in 1988. Through natural healing practices and holistic health care he guides his client toward optimum health and well-being. Dr. Khalsa seeks to awaken the vital spirit and heart of each individual on their journey of wholeness and liberation.

He graduated from the International School of Polarity Therapy in 1978 as a certified practitioner of Polarity Therapy utilizing various techniques of energy balancing through bio-energetic synchronization, meridian balancing via pulse diagnosis using both Chinese and Auryvedic traditions, and auric balancing through breathwork and yogic practices he helps to enhance the vital life force of your body, mind and spirit. Also trained in Reiki, Yogic subtle body, crystal and aromatherapy healing practices he releases deep emotional and vibrational blocks, unleashing your profound potential and vital energy.

Dr. Khalsa has studied with yoga and healing masters from around the world for over 30 years, including some of the oldest known yogi’s and dharma teachers: Swami Bua who lived to 121, and the world renowned Green Monk Bhante Dharmawara Mahatera who lived to 110. Dr. Khalsa’s knowledge of herbology and nutrition is valuable for anti-aging as well as rejuvenation.

His experience over the past 30 years of tongue diagnosis and iridology give him deep insight into one’s internal bio-chemistry. By integrating herbology, and various orthomolecular therapies (vitamins and minerals) he is able to guide you toward optimum health. As a healthy vegetarian for over 45 years he is able to guide you toward creating dietary habits which enhance your overall state of well-being. Sessions with Mahan Rishi are gentle yet powerful, energizing and calming, creating a deep sense of peace and vitality.

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Mahan Rishi is featured on episode S1E10 of the Radikal Life Podcast, airing Wednesday, October 26, 2022.

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