Course Summary

In the Connect Module we will explore the meaning of human connection. We start by acknowledging our literal, physical connection to the mother of all living humans today, Mitochondrial Eve, or M-Source. We then explore the abundance that comes from being so deeply connected to our M-Source. Finally, we harness the power of that connection and begin to act with the empowerment that is ours by birthright.

Class 1: M-Source

We’ll connect with M-Source, the original womb owner from whom all humans on Earth today descend.

Class 2: Abundance

We’ll explore abundance for ourselves, others and our communities.

Class 3: Empowerment

We’ll harness the power of connection to act with empowerment.

Andrea Durham

Andrea Durham, Esquire, BSW

Andrea Durham (she/her) is a Professional and Personal Coach. She has more than 30 years of experience as a federal attorney, social worker, educator and community organizer.

Her strong interpersonal skills and multicultural perspective give her a unique presence as a powerful coach. She is adept at active listening, Nonviolent Communication and complex problem solving. She facilitates short-term and long-term visioning and goal setting. Her coaching allows her clients to discover their own potential and pursue their deepest dreams and passions. She assists them in aligning their thoughts, beliefs and behaviors with their highest values. She also challenges them to make their best life choices, develop a resilient mindset and engage in powerful, intentional living.

Check out Andrea’s 15 Ways to Connect in our free Radikal Life Starter Kit!

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