Course Summary

In the Intuit module you’ll receive practical tools to help increase and empower your intuitive abilities. The practices here will guide you in working with your personal energy to create the space you need to fully access your intuition.

Class 1: Managing Your Energy

You’ll learn why and how working with your own energy field will help to strengthen and guide you to create a solid foundation for working with your intuition.

Class 2: Opening Space for Intuition

In this session, you’ll discover how to open yourself to access your intuition. You’ll learn 4 practices to create space for honoring and increasing your intuition.

Class 3: Liminal Space and Altered States

In the third and final session, you’ll find the practices that will move you into deeper states of consciousness so that you are both taking advantage of the natural everyday intuitive opportunities as well as facilitating new practices that will deepen what you’re already experiencing.

Brighid Murphy

Brighid Murphy (she/her), guides you in the Intuit module to align with your soul to tap into your innate wisdom.

She’ll help you discover and deepen your intuition through an easy process that you can incorporate in your everyday life.

Brighid recognized her purpose at a young age and continues to strengthen her connection with Spirit, through her own personal work, her service to her community and through her private practice, Spiritworks Healing Arts. She spent many years in the field of mental health, counseling youth who’ve experienced severe trauma and empowering women who survived abusive relationships. She now facilitates Shamanic Immersions as well as online courses on connecting with Spirit. Brighid is a teacher in both Western & Japanese styles of Reiki, a Shamanic Practitioner and Teacher and Ordained Interfaith Minister with a Ministerial Masters Degree in Metaphysics.

 Check out Brighid’s Opening Intuition meditation in our free Radikal Life Starter Kit!

Brighid is featured on episode S1E2 of the Radikal Life Podcast.

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