Course Summary

The stretch module will not only help you to prepare your body for kundalini yoga kriyas or yoga sets, but also create body consciousness in exercises in general and in the way you move through life. Stretching helps improve posture, prevent injury and muscle soreness, and increases flexibility. Additionally stretching is also tremendously effective at relieving stress and improving energy, efficiency, and performance.

Class 1: Body Consciousness

Postures, bhandas, alignment, and warm ups for creating body consciousness to apply in every exercise or movement

Class 2: Stretching and Strength

Stretching and strength are deeply connected to prevent injury and improve your performance

Class 3: Increase Your Flexibility

Yin yoga to increase your flexibility and relieve stress

Gururaj Singh Khalsa

Gururaj Singh Khalsa (he/him) is a Kundalini Research Institute (KRI) certified Kundalini Yoga trainer and Ashtanga yoga practitioner. Post-graduation, Gururaj has been working with human rights and social psychology for over 10 years for the Federal Government of Brazil, where he lives. Gururaj believes that the physical body is a great vehicle and teacher for living a full life and achieving emotional, mental, and spiritual balance.

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Gururaj is featured on episode S1E7 of the Radikal Life Podcast.

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