Course Summary

As human beings, we’ve been taught to reason in particular ways and to consider ourselves the pinnacle of intelligent life. So much so that we are living in a World that considers all other beings inanimate. The truth is that animals, trees, and plants are alive. They are beings with their own languages, cultures, and intelligences.

Think is an invitation to be in relationship with the natural world, to witness other beings interacting and communicating, and to examine how and what we think about.

In the Think module, we will collectively pause just long enough to reconnect and journey with our Selves and the planet. For many of us, there is a complicated relationship with the earth. Folx fear the dark, animals, bugs, and so much more. We have ancestral wounding from a forced relationship that was not in harmony with the planet or our bodies.

Despite the traumas we have individually and collectively survived, nature has all of the medicine we need. The fresh air, the herbs, the plants, the wildlife, the water, the mountains, the trees, and the quiet. They all have medicine for us. When we step into nature and we disconnect from the grid, we can hear better. The trees, the plants, and the stones are all talking to us. We have to come to where they are with humility and a willingness to hear.

Together, we will reconnect with the planet that sustains us!

Class 1: Curiosity

In our first class, we will simply leave our devices behind and go for a walk to explore our curiosity. Many of us have been taught to fear our own curiosity — in this class, you will give yourself permission to see where your curiosity will lead you. We will give offerings to the forest. We will meditate. And, we will see, listen, and feel.

Class 2: Take a Hike

In our second class, we will go on a hike. We’ll talk about how to prepare for a hike – what to wear, how to decide which trail you will take, trail signs and how to follow them, and how to follow a map.

Class 3: Earth Medicine

In our final class, we will talk about some of the ways the earth offers us medicine — from tree-hugging to putting our feet in the dirt.

This module is not currently available for individual sale. The final class for this module is currently in production and will be added soon. In the meantime, you may purchase this module as part of Radikal Life: The Manual for Optimal Being-ness to view the first two classes.

Michael David Battle

Michael David Battle, MPA

Michael David Battle (he/him) is a visual, mixed media artist and memoir writer based on the east coast. He’s been hiking and camping for over 20 years & is a bonafide tree-hugger. Michael David has a passion for welcoming and reconnecting individuals to the earth.

In his courses, folx don’t dip their toes in the water — they dive head-first into healing outdoor experiences. Michael David serves as a host to decolonize our minds, so folx can step into their intuition, their own innate knowledge, and reveal more of their full Selves.

Michael David is the founder and co-executive global director at Garden of Peace, Inc and CEO at Battle Ventures.

A father, brother, uncle, son, and community leader. Mr. Battle’s work is reflective of his experiences and learnings and is inextricably linked to the lives of his ancestors — centers on the lives of those called and uncalled, named, and unnamed. Mr. Battle’s work is a living, breathing libation. Through it, he is led and inspired to celebrate our lives, loves, and lived experiences.

Check out Michael David’s Decolonizing Our Minds in our free Radikal Life Starter Kit!

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